14 accused arrested for burning Baiga family to death

Kawardha. Police has solved the mystery of murder of 3 Baiga tribals in Nagadbara of Kabirdham district of Chhattisgarh. The murder was committed over a land dispute. 14 accused, including a minor and two women, have been arrested. The incident took place in Kukdur police station area. According to the information, on the morning of January 15, the dead bodies of Budhram Baiga, wife Hiramati and 12-year-old son Janhuram Baiga were found burnt in the house in Nagadabra village. Police had earlier said that the death was due to fire. While blood splatters were also found nearby. But when the matter escalated and the political party continuously protested.

Then the police came into action and resumed investigation into the case. After strict interrogation of the villagers, the police got a clue. Then gradually all the secrets were revealed and one by one the whole matter was revealed. According to the police, there was a program in Nagadbara village on the night of January 14, 2024, where there was a dispute over land between women Rajo Bai and Budhram. After this program everyone returned to their respective homes. But at 2 o’clock in the night, calls for help and help were coming from Budhram’s house. Meanwhile, some people of the village had got up to defecate. But due to fear he did not tell anything to anyone. The accused attacked with an axe, killing all three. Then the house was set on fire.

Confessed to crime during strict interrogation
Based on the statement of the eyewitness, the police took the accused woman Rajo Bai into custody and interrogated her, and she confessed to the crime. At present the police have arrested all the accused and are investigating further.
These accused have been arrested
Budh Sing father Hira Lal Baiga (33 years)
Bajru Baiga father Gauthu Baiga (55 years)
Sukh Singh father Dhanu Baiga (30 years)
Sukh Ram father Budhram Baiga (29 years)
Akkal Singh father Buddhu Singh (45 years)
Charu Baiga father Bajru Baiga (25 years)
Tiharu father Lamha Baiga (35 years)
Budhlal father Dongru Baiga (36 years)
Sukhi Ram father Bajru Baiga (19 years)
Miyazi father Bahadur Singh (30 years)
Santu Baiga father Sukh Ram Baiga (35 years)
Rajo Bai father Bhurasa Baiga (50 years)
Budhwareen Bai Pati Akkal Singh (42 years)
The accused, a minor, are all residents of Sakinan Nagadabara village.

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