Anjuna locals: Don’t fire from our shoulders to protest against High Court verdict

Anjuna: “If I had closed my shop today, I would have suffered losses. Should I suffer for those who are supporting the corrupt?” The owner of a fruit juice center in Anjuna said This sentiment summed up the mood of the local people, who were reportedly influenced by the Panchayat’s call to keep their establishments closed, in response to the so-called “all day Anjuna Bandh” called by the Anjuna Panchayat in protest against it. High Court’s decision to seal 175 illegal constructions. Most of the local people of Anjuna who are fighting against noise pollution in the village and other local people associated with business strongly opposed the bandh call. The message from most of the locals who called for the bandh was clear – ‘Don’t fire from our shoulders to protest against the High Court decision.’ Meanwhile, no member of the Anjuna Panchayat responded to any call throughout the day to find out who had called for the bandh nor was any member seen around the meeting held late in the morning at Anjuna Starco Junction. could. The meeting was to start at 10 am. The so-called “all-day bandh” received a lukewarm response and shops leased out to others remained closed till noon and as the sun began to set, life gradually began to return to normal. “When we should be celebrating the High Court verdict, people have decided to call a bandh. When we were protesting against the noise pollution generated by many of these illegal structures, the panchayat was silent. These are bad days for the next generation,” said Jenny Crasto of Vagator. Most of the eateries run by locals remained open throughout the day and some people even questioned the reason for the call. “First they gave permission by violating all the rules out of greed for money and now when they have been caught by the High Court, they want me to suffer by losing my business,” fumed the manager of a restaurant doing brisk business. said in. With no services affected to tourists in the area, the local people going about their daily work were astonished at how “people who are benefiting through illegal structures are ruining their cleanliness by trying to make it dirty.” Trying to justify the mistake.” “I deal in perishable goods. If I had closed the shop today, I would have had to bear the loss. Should I suffer for those who are supporting the corrupt?” asked the owner of a fruit juice center. Lumen expressed joy, “We have taken out a candle procession, held two meetings with our MLA and despite assurances from the MLA and the village police inspector, these structures have been ordered to be sealed because of their soundness.” The pollution continued throughout the night.” High Court decision. “The High Court had saved us during sunburn and with this judgment we can get back whatever is left of our place. Still, some people are upset and sad because it shows the direction our village has taken today,” lamented a shopper. Over forty people attended a meeting addressed by Gajanan Tilve, Taxi Drivers fame Yogesh alias Mogambo, Rohan Naik and Carlos Fernandes, with the four individuals revealing the bandh plans through a press conference on Sunday. Is the Panchayat bending over backwards to support “outsider” businesses? There is a strong opinion in the village that the panchayat is being run on the lines of outsiders running most of these 175 structures, even as many are violating Supreme Court noise pollution rules. “I have written four letters to the CRZ requesting them to demolish the illegal sites, yet no response has been received. I agree that the spaces rented by outsiders have been built beyond the permissible limits,” four-time Panch member Surendra Govekar admitted, showing the email. He said, “I have told people to gather where illegal constructions are taking place and stop them immediately, but they have not come forward. If we come together and stop illegal activities, no outsider will come and behave the way they are behaving,” argued Govekar, who himself was once shot at for protesting against illegal activities . Businessman Michael believes, “The local people who are affected by the High Court order should fight the case on the basis of sons of the soil because the sea is our master and the authorities should guide them to go for temporary structures.” He said, “I am happy with this order because we have been protesting against playing music at a louder volume than the stipulated time every day for many months. With these places sealed, we will now be able to sleep. There is hope,” says Astrid, one of the campaigners against noise pollution in the village. Former Anjuna sarpanch Savio Almeida, when asked to comment, said, “No comment.”

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