Gang stealing lakhs busted in the district, 8 thieves arrested

Dhamtari. The police came to the police station through Bharat Nahar father Manak Lal Nahar age 57 years Sakin ward number 05 Nagar Panchayat Bhakhara police station Bhakhara district Dhamtari and lodged a verbal report that Prathi’s garden is next to the Nahar Paddy Industries rice mill of the applicant where the rice mill is located. Similarly, about 100 pieces of iron centering base plate, about 100 pieces of iron plate and about 500 pieces of 04-05 feet iron angle were kept safe in the old used godown 07-08 years ago.

Two months ago, when the applicant saw the goods kept by him, it was safe that on 17.02.2024, at 12.24 pm, the applicant’s younger brother Omprakash Nahar’s Munshi Manish Kumar Sahu, father Bhuvan Lal Sahu, age 31 years, Sakin village Kosamarra police station Bhakhara district Dhamtari told that 04 -05 Unknown persons were stealing iron goods by opening the side gate behind the godown, seeing which they ran away after shouting. Then the applicant went and saw that about 100 pieces of iron centering base plate, about 100 pieces of iron plate and about 500 pieces of 04-05 feet iron angle kept in the godown were not old used ones worth about Rs 5,00,000/- which were not found in the police station Bhakhara. Crime number 34/24 section 457,380 IPC was registered.

The identity of the unknown thieves was revealed through informer information, CCTV cameras and information from suspects who had committed similar crimes in the past. The accused 01. Sonu Sonkar 02. Soman Dewangan 03. Shikhar Kumar Jangade 04. Laxman Banjare alias Gappu 05. Sonu Yadav 06. Arvin Kumar Nishad 07. When Lekhraj Sahu met and interrogated the accused in relation to the incident, they confessed to their crime and told that they had raided the warehouse that had been stolen earlier and had seen the way to and from it. The door of the godown was not locked.

Then the accused came to a consensus and committed theft from the warehouse on different days continuously and sold the stolen goods near Mohammad Nishar scrap shop in village Koliyari located at Canal Naka. Iron centering baseplate, iron plate and iron angle worth Rs 70,000/-, cash amount of Rs 14,500/- and three vehicles used in the incident 01. Pickup vehicle number CG 19H 0670 worth approximately Rs 3,50,000/- were recovered from the accused. 02. Small elephant. Number CG 05 W 6756 worth Rs 2,00,000/- and 02. Suzuki Access Scooty number CG 05 AN 4619 worth around Rs 50,000/- Jumla worth Rs 6,84,500/- were seized and the accused were arrested today on 20.02.2024, Honorable. The court is presented.

were arrested
arrested accused

  1. Sonu Sonkar father Punam Sonkar age 27 years Sakin Canal Naka Danitola Dhamtari.
  2. Soman Dewangan, father Prahlad Dewangan, age 30 years, Sakin Amapara Bania Talab Dhamtari.
  3. Shikhar Kumar Jangade, father Surajbhan Jangade, age 26 years, Sakin Harfatarai police station, Arjuni district, Dhamtari.
    04 Laxman Banjare alias Gappu, father Bhagoli Banjare, age 22 years, Sakin Harfatarai police station Arjuni district Dhamtari.
  4. Sonu Yadav, father Parau Yadav, age 21 years, Sakin Harfatarai police station, Arjuni district, Dhamtari.
  5. Arvin Kumar Nishad, father Rameshwar Nishad, age 33 years, Danitola Dhamtari, near Sakin Shitala Temple.
  6. Lekhraj Sahu, father Avadh Ram Sahu, age 20 years, Sakin Puri police station, Arjuni district, Dhatmari.
  7. Mohammad Nishar, father Mohammad Nashimuddin, age 22 years, Salhewar Para Dhamtari, next to Sakin Anjuman School.
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