Lathmar Holi played in Nandgaon, know the reason behind it

The hustle and bustle and fun of Holi adds to this festival. Every year in the month of Phalgun, a unique Lathmar Holi is played in Nandgaon, Mathura, which is today. It is believed that the tradition of this Lathmar Holi has been going on since the 17th century. In this Lathmar Holi tradition, the women of Nandgaon attack the men of Braj with sticks. And men use shields to protect themselves from the blows of sticks. This tradition is so famous that people come from all over the country and abroad to see this Lathmar Holi. This festival of Lathmar Holi is celebrated every year on the full moon day of Phalgun month. First of all Lathmar Holi is played in Barsana and then in Nandgaon. This tradition is considered a symbol of strength and courage. During Lathmar Holi, people of Nandgaon and Braj celebrate enthusiastically with colours, songs and dances. Women wear traditional attire on this occasion.
That is why Nandgaon is considered special
According to the stories, Shri Krishna’s parents Nand Baba and Mother Yashoda earlier lived in Gokul. After some time, Nand Baba and his mother Yashoda left Gokul and settled in Nandgaon with their family, cows, bulls and gopis. Nandgaon is situated on the top of Nandishwar hill and on the top of this hill Nand Baba built his palace and all the cowherds, cowherds and gopis built their houses in the area around the hill. This village was called Nandgaon because it was settled by Nandababa.
Nand Bhavan
Nand Bhawan of Nandgaon is also called Nand Baba’s mansion or palace. The idol of Lord Shri Krishna made of black granite is installed in this building. There are also statues of Nand Baba, Mother Yashoda, Balram and his mother Rohini.
Yashoda Kund
There is a lake located near Nand Bhavan which is famous by the name of Yashoda Kund. It is believed that Mother Yashoda used to come here every day to take bath. And sometimes she also brought Shri Krishna and Balram with her. The temple of Lord Narasimha ji is situated on the banks of the lake. A very ancient cave is also situated in a desert place near Yashoda Kund. It is believed that many sages and saints attained enlightenment here.
like a cat
Near Yashoda Kund is the place of childhood games of Lord Krishna which is known as Hau Bilau. Here brothers Lord Krishna and Balram used to play childhood games with their childhood friends. This place is also called How One.
Nandishwar Temple
Nandgaon also has a temple of Lord Shiva known as Nandishwar Mahadev Temple. A story related to this temple says that after the birth of Lord Krishna, Bhole Nath came to Nandgaon to meet him in the strange form of a monk. But mother Yashoda, seeing his strange appearance, did not allow him to meet her son. Then Lord Shiva left from there and started doing penance in the forest. After this, Lord Shri Krishna suddenly started crying and did not remain silent, then on the request of Mother Yashoda, Lord Shiva once again came there.
As soon as child Shri Krishna saw Lord Shiva, he immediately stopped crying and started smiling. Lord Shiva in the guise of a sage asked Mother Yashoda to look after the child and give him his cooked food as Prasad. Since then, the tradition of offering food to Lord Krishna and then offering it to Shivalinga in Nandishwar temple has been going on. Nandishwar Temple is built at the same place in the forest where Lord Shiva meditated on Shri Krishna.
Shani Mandir
The ancient Shani temple is situated in Kokila forest at some distance from Pan Sarovar. It is believed that when Shani Dev came here, Lord Krishna fixed him at one place so that the people of Braj did not have to face any kind of trouble from Shani Dev. Thousands of devotees come to this temple every Saturday to have darshan of Shani. A grand fair is organized here on the occasion of Dev. Shanishchari Amavasya.

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