Minister Tankram Verma gave a speech in a poetic style

Sarangarh Bilaigarh. Revenue and Disaster Management, Sports and Youth Welfare Minister Tankram Verma was on a visit to Bhatgaon, Nagar Panchayat of the district, where he was warmly welcomed by private school families and city residents. The eighth annual festival was organized by Lotus Public School, a private school of Sarangarh-Bilaigarh district, where Minister Tankram Verma attended as the chief guest and participated in the program.

The children gave beautiful presentations. While addressing the people on the stage, Minister Verma described Bhatgaon city as a city of religion and mentioned the consecration of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya and said that the dream of our ancestors and Sanatani people of bringing Ram Lalla to Ayodhya has been fulfilled today. Is. The whole of India has become Rammay.

The Minister said in a poetic style that he himself will kill Ravana, the one who says Ram should wake up, not one evil person will be left, the one who says Shyam should wake up, I have come to spread the name of Ram in every house. O Ram of India, wake up, I have come to wake you up.

Children are very talented. Every child has talent. It needs to be refined. Every child has talent, some have painting, some have music, some have writing, some have poetry, some have singing, every child has talent, there is a need to bring it out, our teachers are doing that work. I congratulate everyone. I give. The minister told a story, a potter was making a pipe from clay. Both his hands were kneaded with clay, at that time the potter came. Asked what are you making? Chillum, fashion of chillum. Kumharin said, you are crazy. It’s summer time, start making jugs, it will sell well. The potter’s mind changed. Stopped making pipe by hand kneading clay. He started making jugs from this clay. When the jug was being made, a voice came from inside the clay, the clay asked the potter, what are you doing and why, the potter said the jug is being made. Thought changed. Mitti said, only your thoughts have changed but my life has changed. The potter said how? Mitti said, if I had become a pipe, fire would have been set in my mouth, I would have burnt myself and others would also have been burnt. Now I have become a wine jug. Now cold water will be poured into my mouth, I will also remain cool and will make others cool as well. Life changed just by changing thoughts. If you change your thoughts, your life will change. Your life will improve. Think good things. Our mothers not only give birth to children, they also give life and values along with birth. You can get education anywhere, degree, job anywhere but you will not get values anywhere, only mother has the responsibility of imparting values. Someone has said that values are important before education and behavior is important before business. Your child will become and prepare as you wish. Even today, Ram will be born in every house, the mother will have to become Kaushalya. Krishna will be born in every house, mother will have to become Yashoda. To encourage the children, he had earlier said that all of them should be applauded for their hard work that they have put in to prepare for the program. You will watch a 5 minute programme. 5 minutes dance, drama. The teachers of our school have worked very hard to bring that play on the stage. If you have worked hard for 15 days, you will see programs of 5 minutes. A large number of school teachers and parents were present on this occasion.

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हिंदी की ताजा खबर पढने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें|
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