People complained to the collector for removal of foreign liquor distillery

Lailunga. A complaint has been lodged with the Collector regarding the removal of the government English liquor shop situated in the residential area of the city, in which residents along with school girls have also filed a complaint. The liquor shop is situated at the confluence of Jashpur, Pathalgaon, Raigarh, at a distance of fifty meters from Atal Chowk, opposite to it. The petrol pump is situated on the same road, every day the students of the college including DAV Public School, ITI, and other private schools have to pass in front of the liquor shop to come and go. Tasting shops are set up around the liquor shop where in the morning Since then there is a gathering of drunkards. Whereas this place is the most crowded area and the school children have to pass through this route, the biggest problem is that the school girls always have to pass by getting insulted because after leaving the liquor shop, the drunkards try to taste it and the girls are misbehaved by gathering at the shop. Let’s do it. Not only this, it has become difficult for the daughters of the city to leave their homes.

The foreign liquor shop located in the city is situated on Raigarh Road, the busiest place of Lailunga. Residents are facing a lot of problems due to the presence of liquor shops. Let us tell you that due to the dilapidation of Gharghoda Dharamjaigarh road in about 2 years, the movement of heavy vehicles has started from Lailunga road itself due to which the crowd of Lailunga city has doubled. And due to the presence of liquor shops in this crowded main road, people are becoming victims of accidents every day and due to the doubling of crowd in the evening, incidents like theft and fighting keep happening here. There is no bypass in Lailunga nor is there any traffic police system due to which accidents happen every day with small and big vehicles due to which common people have to suffer loss of life and property.

Due to the presence of a liquor shop, the possibility of accidents has increased. In the illegal Chakna center adjacent to this liquor shop, liquor bottles and disposable glasses are thrown in the fields of adjacent farmers, due to which the two crop lands of the farmers are on the verge of becoming barren. And it is also having a significant impact on the livelihood of the affected farmers. The presence of a government liquor shop as soon as you enter Lailunga town on the main road connecting Nagar Panchayat Lailunga with Raigarh district is contrary to the dignity of the city residents. Journalists, Advocates Association and persons associated with politics, through correspondence, memorandum, newspaper, administration and digital media have also been demanding the Prakash administration to shift the said liquor shop elsewhere, but till date the government has not agreed to their demands. The most important thing is that no consent of any kind has been taken from the residents of the city before opening the said liquor shop.

And secretly, in gross violation of condition number 6.1 and 6.2 of the excise tender, the overcrowded and residential area of the city which did not meet the criteria has been selected. The shop of the foreign temple located in Lailunga is also situated on the disputed land. The land which has been given on rent by the land owner Suresh Kumar Dagla to the government for the sale of liquor, is not completely his but belongs to the farmer Safi Ahmed on a land of 1100 square feet. Ahta toilet has been constructed through illegal encroachment, which is clear on the basis of demarcation report of Halka Patwari and Revenue Inspection, against which a case has been filed in the court by the affected farmer Safi Ahmed. In the condition of selection of the site of government liquor shop, availability of 24 hours clean water and toilet is mandatory, to fulfill which, land owner Suresh Kumar Dagla has constructed a toilet on the land of farmer Sabhi Ahmed.

The excreta of the said toilet is being disposed of in the field of farmer Safi Ahmed due to which, being harassed, farmer Safi Ahmed has filed an application in Lailunga police station demanding police action regarding the tender conditions for hiring a shop for the sale of liquor in the state of Chhattisgarh. As per clause 12 mentioned the tender will be accepted only from the original owner of the premises property. For the last 7 months, the police has registered a crime under serious sections of sections 420, 467, 468,471 and 120 B under crime number 244/2023 in Lailunga police station against Suresh Kumar Dagla, the land owner of the local foreign mandira shop located in Nagar Panchayat Lailunga. In such a case, the absconding accused of the said serious crime will try to submit the tender through some other person, due to which it will not be accepted at all and if he himself appears to participate in the tender, he will be immediately expelled from the court. A demand has been made to arrest him. Due to not fulfilling the criteria for which earlier, the application of Shri Shiv Kumar Agarwal, who was applying in Bade Rampur, was rejected by the Excise Department considering it ineligible. Condition number 6.1 and 6.2 of the excise tender. In gross violation of this, a crowded residential area of the city which did not meet the criteria has been selected.

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