When is the month of Ramadan starting, know the date

In the religion of Islam, the month of Ramadan is considered the most sacred. This month is determined by looking at the moon. The holy month of Ramadan is the ninth month according to the Islamic calendar. It is also called the month of Ramadan. People of the Muslim community keep fast for the whole month and do not eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset. During Roza, people wake up before sunrise in the morning for Sehri and break their fast with Iftar in the evening. They pray together for a month and ask for forgiveness for their sins. The month of Ramadan includes fasting, offering Taraweeh prayers at night and reciting the Quran. This month is considered very special for all Muslims. In such a situation, let us know when the holy month of Ramadan is starting this year and when will the first fast be observed…
When will the first fast be observed?
The month of Ramadan is determined by looking at the moon. The moon of Ramadan is first visible in Saudi Arabia. If the moon of Ramadan is visible in Saudi Arabia today i.e. on March 10, then the first fast there will be observed on March 11. Whereas in India and Pakistan, the moon of Ramadan is visible one day after the moon of Saudi Arabia, hence in these countries the fasting of Ramadan starts one day after that of Saudi Arabia. In such a situation, this year Ramadan in India is expected to start from March 11 or 12. If the moon is visible here on March 11, then the first Roza will be observed on March 12.
Rules for fasting during Ramadan
Fasting does not only mean staying hungry and thirsty, but fasting of eyes, ears and tongue is also observed. That is, during this period neither see bad, hear bad nor say bad to anyone.
Also keep in mind that what you say should not hurt anyone’s sentiments.
Reading Quran has a different significance in the month of Ramadan.
Apart from daily prayers, a special prayer is also offered at night in Ramadan, which is called Taraweeh.
importance of ramadan
Ramadan fasting lasts for 29 or 30 days. It is said in the religion of Islam that by fasting during Ramadan, Allah becomes happy and accepts all the prayers. It is believed that the results of worship done in this month are 70 times more than in other months. After the sighting of the moon, people of the Muslim community start the process of worship by eating Sehri before the sun rises. The food eaten before sunrise is called Sehri and breaking the fast after sunset is called Iftar.
What is Sehri?
Fasting starts in the morning with Fajr Azaan before sunrise. Sehri is taken at this time. During the month of Ramadan, food is eaten every day before sunrise. It is known as Sahari. The time for Sehri is determined in advance. Fasting is considered mandatory for all Muslim people, but children and physically unwell people are exempted from fasting.
What is Iftar?
After fasting throughout the day without eating or drinking, Namaz is offered in the evening and the fast is broken by eating dates. It is opened in the evening when the Maghrib prayer is called after the sun sets. This is known as Iftar. After this, a person can eat and drink anything before morning suhoor.

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