Eclipse of happiness! There was a huge commotion at the wedding, the groom fell on the ground

Farrukhabad: Suddenly there was mourning in place of happiness in the wedding house in Farrukhabad, UP. Where till some time ago people were laughing and joking, there was silence. After Jaimal, when it was the turn of seven rounds, the bride and groom reached under the pavilion. The groom started frolicking with his bride. Six rounds had been completed. As the groom moved forward to take the seventh round, he suddenly fell on the ground.

Seeing the groom falling on the ground, the girl’s parents were shocked. Even before the groom could regain his composure, the girl’s family refused to marry him. The girl’s family insulted the wedding guests and sent them away from the door. Kept the goods and jewellery. Efforts were made for the marriage for a long time but things did not work out and the wedding procession returned without the bride. The police also went and talked. A procession from a town in Kannauj district had come to a locality of Fatehgarh Kotwali on Thursday evening.

When the wedding procession reached the bride’s door, the bride’s family hosted the wedding guests very well. The wedding procession took place with great pomp and show. On Friday morning when bhanvaras were falling and six bhanvaras were completed. When the turn of the seventh Bhanwar came, the groom fainted and fell down. His hands and legs became cramped. Seeing this, the bride’s family got upset and protested and refused to marry her.

Said that the groom suffered from epilepsy, why was he not told. The bride’s brother and mother got angry at the wedding guests. The wedding guests were sent away from the house and the jewelery was kept. Seeing the bad behavior of the bride’s family, the groom along with his people reached Fatehgarh police station and informed the police about the incident. Said that there is nothing like what the bride’s family is alleging. The son’s foot slipped and he fell during the whirlpool. Now the girl’s parents are not ready to marry her. Have kept the jewellery. The groom’s father informed the police. On this the police team ran to investigate. The bride’s family informed her about the entire situation. On this the police retreated. The bride’s family said that they had also spent money on the wedding. Sub-Inspector Uday Singh said that the wedding procession had returned without the bride. Now no action has been taken in this.

A procession from a town in Kannauj district had come to a locality of Fatehgarh Kotwali on Thursday evening. Both the bride and groom’s side looked very happy about the marriage. The bride’s mother was very happy about the marriage of her daughter and the bride’s friends also kept joking with the brother-in-law. While the rituals were being completed, a noise was heard from near the pavilion. Within no time there was silence under the pavilion.

On Friday morning when bhanwars were falling and six bhanwars were completed. When the turn of the seventh round came, the groom fainted and fell down. Seeing this, everyone from the bride and groom’s side present in the pandal under the pavilion were stunned. At first people could not understand anything, later they came to know that the groom was suffering from epilepsy and after hearing this, the bride’s family refused to marry her. Due to this, the dreams of both were shattered by the seventh round.

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