Hanuman ji will be happy with this work on Tuesday

Astrology News: Every day of the week is dedicated to the worship of some deity or the other. Tuesday is considered best for Hanuman Puja. On this day devotees worship Lord Hanuman duly and also observe fast etc.
It is believed that by doing this one gets the blessings of Lord Hanuman, but along with this, if Hanumanashtak is recited with devotion on Tuesday, then God gets pleased and removes all the sorrows. So we have brought for you the lesson of Hanumanashtak.
, Hanumanashtak ॥
When I was a child, I took the sun eater,
The three worlds became dark.
That’s why the world got scared,
Why this crisis?
Devan came and requested me then,
Give me the stick Ravi, take away the pain.
No one knows about the apes in the world,
Sankatmochan name Tiharo ॥ 1॥
Bali’s sad kapis settled and fell,
Look at the Jaat Mahaprabhu sect.
Since Mahamuni gave the snake then,
Who needs thoughts?
Mahaprabhu except in the form of Kaidvij,
So you stop the pain of the slave. 2॥
Siya went to the lane with Angad,
Search Kapis, lift this ban.
If we don’t survive, we will die.
Stay here without coming to your senses.
All the hairy shores of Sindhu are tired then,
Bring Siya-Sudhi, save your life. 3॥
Ravana terrorized everyone,
Stop crying like a demon.
At that time Hanuman Mahaprabhu,
Go kill Maha Rajnichar.
Chahat si asok so agi su,
This Prabhumudrika should stop the sorrow. 4॥
do these easy remedies on tuesday
Ban Lagyo ur Lachiman then,
Kill the sleeping Ravana with all your might.
Lay Griha Baidya along with Sushen,
Then giri drona su bir uparo.
Then I gave my life to you,
You save Lachiman’s life. 5॥
Then Ravana announced the war,
Let all your heads fall into the snake’s trap.
All the parties including Shri Raghunath,
Be infatuated, bear this trouble.
Aani khages tabai hanuman ju,
Cut the bondage and remove the sutras. 6॥
When Ahiravan along with his brothers,
Go to Raghunath Patala.
Debihin worship and sacrifice in good manner,
Give all the milli mantra thoughts.
Only when help comes,
Destroy Ahiravan along with his army. 7 ॥
You have done the work of God,
See Bir Mahaprabhu and think.
Who is the trouble to the poor?
Avoid what doesn’t go with you.
Begi Haro Hanuman Mahaprabhu,
Whatever crisis we face. 8॥
, Doha ॥
Red body with redness,
Aru Dhari Red Langur.
Vajra deh demon dalan,
Jai Jai Jai Kapi Sur ॥

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हिंदी की ताजा खबर पढने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें|
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