Illegal excavation of gas pipeline going on

Guna. A serious and worrying case of damage to gas pipeline has come to light in Guna district. The negligence is so big that there is a stir from Gas Authority of India (GAIL) to Delhi. All the officials are busy in getting to the bottom of this matter. There is every possibility that major action can be taken in this case of damaging the gas pipeline. It is a different matter that on one hand the authority is concerned about this matter, while the local district administration is busy suppressing this big negligence. Let us tell you that many pipes have been laid under the Gas Pipeline project from Guna city and surrounding areas. Proper marking has been done near them, pillars have been installed and common people have been warned not to come close. Despite this, some mining mafias have damaged this gas pipeline passing through Guna for their personal benefit. It was a matter of luck that some aware journalists reached the spot in time and they informed the high officials sitting in Delhi including GAIL. Otherwise it could not be ruled out that a major gas tragedy could have been witnessed in Guna. It is a matter of good fortune that no pipe was damaged during the illegal excavation, otherwise loss of life due to gas leakage cannot be ruled out.

In fact, the gas pipeline is passing through Singwasa area, just 3 km away from Guna Collectorate. There is also a large reserve of red murum in this area. The mining mafia’s intentions got spoiled on this murum. They completely ignored the fact that a gas pipeline is laid in this area. A contractor sent a large number of machines and dumpers to dig murum near this pipeline project laid in Singwasa area. The machines did not spare this area either, which is included in the boundary of the pipeline project. Illegal excavation was being done continuously, then the aware journalists of the city reached the spot and informed the administration. The district administration stopped the illegal excavation, but did not take any action against the contractor. After this, the journalists informed the Delhi office and helpline number of GAIL Authority of India about this matter. The company officials admitted that the digging work was going on within the limits of ROU (Right to Use Pipeline). ROU is the area of ​​land where the company can use the land for the gas pipeline. However, the right of ownership lies with the owner of the land. Rules have also been made in this regard under the PMP Act 1962.

After the information of this sensational case came to light, a team from GAIL was immediately sent to the spot. All the evidence has been photographed and videographed. The place where the digging was being done has been marked with white lime. An emergency vehicle has also been deployed. A team of GAIL is constantly monitoring this matter. The evidences have been kept completely safe on the spot, which proves that illegal excavation is being done in the area of ​​the pipeline project. The contractor had also uprooted the pillar which was installed within the scope of the project and this was identifying the restricted area. Overall, the matter is very serious, due to which there is a stir everywhere. However, the matter of concern is that the district administration did not even get the news of illegal excavation being done at a short distance from the Collectorate. Some people are also suspecting collusion in this work. What is the truth will be revealed only after investigation. Sources say that the government can take major action against the concerned contractor in the case of digging within the scope of the gas pipeline. Damaging the gas pipeline comes under the category of crime. Under this, a huge fine can be imposed and the gas supply company can claim compensation. Since the contractor has also put people’s lives at risk while damaging the pipeline, a criminal case can also be registered.

Report by Surya Prakash Yadav

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