Lord Shiv: Lord Shiva had given this special boon to Nandi

Lord Shiv: The month of Sawan is the favourite of Lord Shiva. To get the blessings of Mahadev, one must worship in Sawan. Also, to get the desired groom, one must fast on Monday. In this month, a very special enthusiasm is seen among the devotees of Shiva and Shiva temples are decorated beautifully.

Got this boon

According to the legend, Lord Shiva had given this boon to Nandi that he will be worshipped first. For this reason, Nandi sits in front of the idol of Mahadev in the Shiva temple. There is a religious belief that by speaking wishes in the ears of Nandi with a true heart, all wishes are fulfilled. Nandi Baba conveys the prayer of the seeker to Mahadev, due to which all wishes are fulfilled.

You must say these words in the ears of Nandi Maharaj

According to religious belief, while worshipping Nandi Baba, before speaking your wishes in his ears, you must speak the word ‘Om’ and after that you should say your wish. This is done because the other name of ‘Om’ is Pranav i.e. God and many texts describe that ‘Om’ is the symbol of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh i.e. Tridev. This is the reason why ‘Om’ is chanted at the beginning of any Vedic mantra.

What is Nandi Mudra?

According to astrology, Nandi Mudra is the one in which one sits like Nandi Ji. In this Mudra, the first and the last finger are kept straight, while the two middle fingers are joined with the thumb. Worshiping Lord Shankar in this Mudra makes him very happy.

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