New Delhi: Mallikarjun Kharge said- Government is attacking the Constitution

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has used the Republic Day occasion to tell people that constitutional principles are under attack by none other than the current government, arguing that the strangulation of democracy is part of a larger political conspiracy. Is.

Although there was a tradition of the opposition avoiding criticism of the government on occasions like Independence Day and Republic Day, Narendra Modi broke it by attacking the Manmohan Singh administration when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

The Congress has clearly chosen to pay Modi in its own coin, even accusing his government of attacking the Constitution on the day the country is celebrating its adoption.

“I wish you all the best on your 75th Republic Day. In a video message to the citizens on Friday, the Congress President said, 74 years ago on this day in 1950, our Constitution came into force and we broke the chains of feudalism and colonialism and became a republic.

“Justice, equality, fraternity, liberty, brotherhood, secularism and socialism are the fundamental pillars of India. The Constitution ensured fundamental rights, social justice and political rights for every citizen.

“Today, these pillars are being attacked by the government itself. The makers of our Constitution would not have even imagined that the Constitution would have to face such challenges. Today, the fundamental and basic rights given to every Indian by the Constitution are gradually being encroached upon and eroded.

“We, the people of India who gave us this Constitution, included Dalits, tribals, women, farmers and labourers. “Today they are under attack from the government, which is using emotional issues to divert attention and hide the truth from citizens.”

Kharge further said, “The truth is that poverty is increasing. This government is the only government (under whose supervision) 7.5 crore people went back into poverty. The truth is that due to inflation and falling incomes, the savings of families is the lowest in 50 years.”

Kharge said: “The truth is that unemployment is at its highest level in 45 years, taking away the future of our youth. The truth is that atrocities are being committed against Dalits, tribals and backward classes every day. The truth is that today all constitutional institutions are being hijacked.

“The truth is that 146 opposition MPs have been thrown out of Parliament and important laws have been passed without discussion. The truth is that the media has been forced to become the mouthpiece of the government.”

Kharge appealed to the public to save the Constitution.

“The attack on the Constitution is part of a well-planned conspiracy. Today the government is being run by people who did not have faith in our Constitution. He did not hoist our flag for many decades. Today, they claim to be patriots,” he said.

“The year 2024 is a very important year for India. This year will decide whether we will be able to save the values of the Constitution and democracy or go back to an era where all people were not equal.

He said that justice is necessary for every section of the society.

“The Congress Party has resolved to fight to protect the Constitution, democracy and justice. There are five pillars of justice: Youth Justice, Participatory Justice, Women Justice, Farmer Justice, Labor Justice,” he said, referring to equality of justice and participation for youth, women, farmers and labourers.

Rahul Gandhi also stressed India’s pluralistic culture and said protecting constitutional principles would be a true tribute to India’s freedom fighters. He said that injustice will not be tolerated.

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